My Grandma

This will be short. Y’all my mom’s mom is nasty. Like with a capital N. When I wrote my first novel, Things That Go Bump, my mom read it. My mom is my homie, but she likes to talk about all her sexual experiences, including the ones with my dad (gross). Anyway, my mom told my grandma about my novel and my grandma went onto amazon kindle and bought it that day. My novels as you know have explicit sex scenes. Well a few days after my grandma bought it she says, “How do I make the font bigger?” I told her how she can increase it but I asked her why. She says “I wanna make the words bigger so your granddaddy can read it and do these nasty things to me.” Needless to say, I don’t tell my mom or my grandma about any book releases. My heart can’t take it. Cheers!

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