Pack your Kindles, we’re going to Patreon

Hey Lovelies,

Gather around, I’m here to share some exciting news. I’m officially moving to Patreon! But that doesn’t mean I’m leaving Amazon, at least not yet. You can click here to see some of the reason’s why I plan to leave Amazon in the future.

Now moving on to fewer depressing things, I’m dancing my way to Patreon! I’ll be releasing my work there months in advance before it goes to Amazon. And I’ll be posting a Patreon exclusive story that will only be there. Wanna ready all the stories in my series as drafts (no editing so it will include typos and word echoes)? Then come hang out with me!

That’s not all. Nope, there’s ton more. I’ll also be giving away some merchandise for everyone who joins me there. The first 3 people to subscribe to Patreon, get a book of their choosing with Not Safe For Work artwork included. They will also get prints of other artwork, sticker, bookmarks and more. I’ll also be revealing my books covers there before I do anywhere else and teasers will be released there early as well.

Now for the other perks. I’ll not only release my work there early, but I’ll also ask for YOUR feedback. It will give you a chance to see my writing process and interact with me on a more personal level. And I’ll be going live weekly to answer any questions and respond to any comments.

And that’s not all! Patreon is so amazing that if you stick with me for 90 days, you’ll get a prize. This will happen every 90 days with the prizes being mugs, T-shirts, stickers and posters. On top of that I’ll be sending out semi annual exclusive merch boxes! So if all these perks don’t convince you, I don’t know what will. I hope to see you there!

XOXO, Dani M. Ward

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