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Want to know what I had to do to get my book up to par? Want to read about the time I posted an unedited book to Amazon Kindle? Click below to access my blog. Readers Beware!

Author Takeover

Hey Lovelies! Last night I did my first author takeover party in a friend’s Facebook group. If you were there it was a blast! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again! Getting ready for this party involved having an anxiety about creating the post, attempting to schedule the post,…

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It has been a while

Hey guys! I just started my newsletter today and it’s an experience for sure. I started creating TikTok videos and I was not happy to ask my 16-year sister for help. Who knew creating these kinds of things could be so difficult? I’m working on revising my first/second novel before I send it to beta…

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My Grandma

This will be short. Y’all my mom’s mom is nasty. Like with a capital N. When I wrote my first novel, Things That Go Bump, my mom read it. My mom is my homie, but she likes to talk about all her sexual experiences, including the ones with my dad (gross). Anyway, my mom told…

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