The menu is a mix of spicy romance and spooky paranormal. Be sure to ask about the chef’s specials!


The Hollow Ocean
100 years after The Killings, the world is a very different place.

She’ll be chosen and will need to win in order to save her family.


Where Your Eyes Linger
Fire Fae Jameson is living the life she always wanted….

Things That Go Bump
Orphaned siren Wren Williams is trying to figure out where she comes from….

His Crimson Mask
Christine will show the other demon families what true fear is….

The Lottery: A Hollow Ocean Short Story She’ll do anything to win… $5.99

World Extras

Wine Pairings
A thoughtful, well-paired glass to enjoy with your romance.

World Map
Explore the world and mood board where all the magic happens.

Food Pairings
Tasty, delicious recipes designed to enjoy with whichever book you’re currently reading.