Where Your Eyes Linger

Jameson is an exotic dancer…

…who can make her entire body explode into flames.

Fire fae Jameson has a problem.

Namely, her ex, who wants her back at all costs. He is a prince, but he was also abusive and controlling, which is why Jameson had to start a new life without him eight months ago.

And she’s never going back.

Her new job as an exotic dancer is freeing, exciting, and pays good money. And she has attracted a human admirer, named Emmett who comes to see her every night, taking in every one of her shows, and showering her with attention. Jameson loves all of it but must be cautious…

Can she fully trust him?

Keeping her ex at a distance and Emmett by her side is more than a full-time job, but she must keep going to remain safe and live the life she’s always wanted. But will her ex get to her first?

Where Your Eyes Linger is an urban fantasy romance and is for people who love gritty supernatural dramas, starting over, and learning to trust love again.

Trigger warning: domestic violence on page, attempted sexual assault on page, bloody scenes, mature situations, and foul language.