A Natural Born Slayer

In the fourth demon circle, Half-Demon Princess Christine’s name is one whispered in fear. Also known as the natural born killer for her assassin roots, she been trying to cope with the recent murder of her older brother Christien, the demon heir to the throne. Christine doesn’t know who murdered her brother, but she’s determined to find out, even if it means she has to resort back to a certain skill set. Believing it’s someone he knew or someone from one of the other demon royal families leads Christine on a journey of revenge. Along the way, she meets her brother’s best friend Air Fae Prince Reisi, who is hunting for blood. Thrown for a loop when it’s announced that she is going to be the next demon queen, Christine needs someone on her side. A letter from her brother, sent before he was murdered announces an engagement between the two. With murder and vengeance on Christine’s mind, she’s determined to show the other demon families what true fear is.